Innate immunity booster that fights viral infections and provides relief in arthritis, joint pain and fatigue

Cordycep mushroom referred as “The King of Herbs” aka Kida Jadi/ Yarsa Gumba has been used extensively through ages by Asian Traditional Medicines in promoting general health, physical endurance and overall wellbeing, promoted by antioxidant, immunomodulators and adaptogens, thus regarded as “SUPERFOOD”.
Cordyceps has arrays of immune modulating and adpatogenic bioactive compounds, of which “CORDYCEPIN, ADENOSINE AND CORDYCETPIC ACID” are of immense value and have garnered extensive scientific investigation. With technological advancement in biotechnology, globally, Cordyceps is produced in two formats, as fruiting body (FB) and/ or mycelial biomass (MB), impetus being Cordycepin content, that determines quality, in attaining the desired health benefit. Most of the production methods use raw material from animal source like silkworm/egg/peptone/porcine extract.  
Recognizing the health benefit, limited availability of quality material, need for vegan source and growing demand, ENZIBETA has developed a proprietary process for production of CORDYCEP that guarantees the quality every time and anytime. Key features of CORDY+ are
1.   100% Vegetarian
2.   First to offer liquid format of cordyceps extract, in India, alone or in combination with “PROBIOTIC”.
3.   Zero waste discharge and environment friendly process

Enzymatic Betaine, first of its kind offering across globe

Betaine, enzymatic: Betaine, enzymatic: Betaine is a natural multifunction compound found across plant and animal kingdom. It is known to provide energy and protect cells against osmotic stress.
Due to these properties it is being used in various market segment – feed industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal hygiene etc. Estimated global market for betaine is around 4 billion US$ by year 2020. Currently the betaine comes from two sources – natural and chemical synthesis. The natural betaine is from beet root and being dependent on agriculture produce is not sufficient to meet market demand. Globally only 3 companies produce natural betaine – DuPont (USA), AB Vista (UK) and Agrana (Germany). Sensing the market opportunity, the chemically synthesized betaine has come into existence but due to its inferior performance the natural betaine remains the first choice. This performance gap is mainly attributed to impurity profile of chemically synthesized betaine. Unlike synthetic betaine our enzymatically produced betaine has properties similar to natural betaine.
The project ‘enzymatic production of betaine’ is funded by BIRAC under BIG scheme at proof of concept stage. The technology is now established at lab scale. It is innovative & IP protected (patent application no. PCT/IB2018/055712 and Indian filing 201741027084). At present, India imports betaine. Our product will be a Made in India product which we intend to supply to domestic & international market.